ENVELOPE, a new trial project funded by the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU), will kick off in January 2024. ERTICO is proud to join its partners in this project, which has the aim to develop top-notch 6G technology capabilities across Europe.

The SNS JU was launched in 2021 with the mission to both set Europe on the path to being a leader in 6G technology and to boost 5G deployment in Europe, with a budget of € 900 million. The ENVELOPE project is one of the 27 research initiatives funded by SNS JU as part of the 2nd Horizon Europe call. These projects will contribute to the evolutionary stage of 5G and to the exploration of 6G concepts and definitions, as part of the initiative’s Phase I.

ENVELOPE, which secured the “SNS Large Scale Trials and Pilots with Verticals” grant, will be coordinated by ERTICO partner ICCS. The project will collaborate with partners from the technology and telecoms value chain as well as from various vertical industries. ENVELOPE aims to explore inventive approaches across the spectrum of 6G domains. In particular, the project intends to bolster use cases focused on network capabilities, verticals, and connected automated mobility (CAM). The pilot sites will play a vital role in trialling and validating 6G technologies in real-world applications within the business and industrial sectors, including CAM.

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