On Wednesday 6 November ERTICO released a communication outlining Six Priority Pillars key for the digitalisation of transport in Europe and for the achievement of smart mobility. The communication was announced during a thematic breakfast meeting “Making mobility smarter” organised by ERTICO and MaaS Alliance at the European Parliament. The breakfast meeting brought together MEPs, parliamentary assistants, experts from the various committees of the Parliament and the representatives of the European Commission.

The meeting was hosted by MEP Henna Virkkunen, member of ITRE and TRAN Committees. At the meeting ERTICO and MaaS Alliance partners including ACEA, Rijkswaterstaat, MaaS Global and Europcar Mobility Group gave presentations highlighting state-of-the-art intelligent transport and green mobility solutions. The discussion touched the points on how to best deploy the latest technologies and support the roll-out of sustainable mobility solutions and the competitiveness of European industries.

Mrs Virkkunen, during her welcoming words, said that there is a pressing need to make transport cleaner, sustainable, safer, smarter, multimodal, inclusive and more efficient.

Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO presented ERTICO’s brand new Communication paper on ITS, with six pillars and explained how ERTICO through its wide partnership can support local, national, European regulators and the industries in digital transformation.

ERTICO’s Six Priority Pillars include MaaS (Mobility as a Service), Electro-mobility and renewable resources, Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM), Urban air mobility, Traffic Efficiency and Innovation driven re-regulation and governance.

Providing a neutral platform ERTICO brings together stakeholders from the private and public sector to make mobility safer, more sustainable and efficient through discussions on a shared vision to drive forward these solutions. ERTICO, together with its 120 Partners, develops, promotes and deploys smart mobility solutions and services for the benefit of all.

Further presentations were given by Piia Karjalainen from ERTICO and MaaS Alliance, Mr Eric-Mark Huitema from ACEA, Mr Ronald Adams from Rijkswaterstaat, Mrs Krista Huhtala-Jenks from MaaS Global and Mr Jehan de The from Europcar Mobility Group. Head of Unit, Mrs Claire Depre concluded the discussion by explaining the topical considerations of the Commission.

ITS applications that have already made improvements in the transport sector include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, electronic tachographs that monitor the driving and rest times of professional drivers, navigation and location services using space satellite technologies (GNSS) such as GPS and Galileo, smart traffic lights and real time information used in public transport and freight.