Sustainability is the sensitive balance of perfect co-existence between humans and nature, ensuring the effects of human consumption and the demands of society do not pose a threat to the natural eco-system and world around us. This is not only a goal, but a  pre-requisite for today’s society. Europe’s answer to ensuring sustainability is the Green Deal, launched at the end of last year, a strategy to make Europe’s economy sustainable and ensure the transition to ‘green’. The very first Virtual ITS European Congress on 9-10 November is highlighting sustainability as a key theme in the smart mobility discussion.

The European Green Deal includes the reduction of greenhouse gas net emissions to zero by 2050, as well as the preservation of resources whilst fostering economic growth. The plan covers all sectors of the economy: agriculture, construction, industry, energy and transport. ERTICO is constantly working to improve future transport by making it more innovative, resilient and sustainable and is playing an active role in supporting the European Green Deal in its goals of achieving cleaner and ‘greener’ mobility for all.

This mission is reflected in the programme of the upcoming Virtual ITS European Congress. The immersive 2-days experience in an interactive, 3D setting is entirely dedicated to the ITS Community and their work on future mobility. Sustainable is one of the three key topics of this Congress. Policymakers, key players in industry and mobility innovators will be joining the debate and showcasing the latest trends, addressing current issues and brainstorming about best practice and innovative solutions for more sustainable mobility.

There are a good number of  sessions dedicated to the theme of sustainability, particularly during Day 2 of the event:

  • Mobility platforms for smart and sustainable EU transport: a discussion about the challenges facing their development;
  • Freight transport’s answer to the climate crisis and the European Green Deal: a debate about the decarbonisation of freight transport through digitalisation of documents, optimisation of route planning and other solutions;
  • Making ports greener through ITS: a session that presents strategies from large and medium-sized port-cities to make operations more sustainable;
  • Using connectivity and automation to deliver sustainable mobility: brainstorming about the greening potential of CAM, its challenges, and how, smart mobility can boost sustainability and lessen economic, environmental and social impacts on the planet and its people.

 A High Level Session dedicated to sustainability/Green is also part of the schedule, with speakers from the European Commission, the public sector and industry addressing the challenges and outlining possible solutions towards new, cleaner and greener transport.

The panels for all sessions under the Green topic include experts from the European Commission (DG MOVE/DG RTD), regional authorities, vehicle manufacturers and transport service providers.

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