The Data For Road Safety (DFRS) Platform is a mobility data space with the goal of harnessing the potential of live vehicle, crowd and infrastructure data for the purpose of improving road safety across Europe.  It came into being as a result of the Data Task Force, which was established during the first High-Level Meeting on Connected and Automated Driving on 15 February 2017 in Amsterdam comprising representatives of all European Transport Ministers, the European Commission and industry partners. The DFRS Platform has been under ERTICO’s stewardship since January this year when Mr Joost Vantomme, the Platform’s Chair of the General Assembly, became CEO of ERTICO.

The DFRS Platform is built on the belief that data sharing multiplies the potential of technologies to handle safety-critical issues for mobility, and that smart data exchange between multi-brand vehicles and with service providers and road authorities will greatly improve road safety.

The largest project on big data for road safety

The Safety Related Traffic Information (STRI) Ecosystem, established through the DFRS platform, is the first project of its kind in the European Union (EU) and one of “the largest projects in the world focusing on improving road safety by means of the large-scale use of vehicle data and aiming to improve safety on European roads, on a mutual basis”.

The goal behind the SRTI is to ensure reliable, fast, accurate data exchange systems, irrespective of location, vehicle brand or navigation system used. Smart data exchange allows updated information regarding road and weather conditions, including roadworks and hindrances, which greatly contributes to safety.

Scalability through collaboration

Along with ERTICO, the 20 members of the DFRS Platform comprise leaders of the vehicle industry and public authorities.  The partnership recognises the importance of data for improving road safety and the value that can be added by strengthening the collaborative ecosystem. For this, the DFRS members have agreed that the data will be shared free of charge and on the basis of reciprocity.

The DFRS platform hopes to expand its reach within the “data-driven” industry and among public authorities – OEMs, service providers, traffic managers, freight/logistic companies – so that fast data exchange is possible with as many partners as possible for road safety.

DFRS is also an example of a mobility data space where data can be seen as an enabler for the new economy.

Find out more!

To learn more about the DFRS Platform, read the technical document or visit the website.

DFRS will also be present at the ITS Congress in Toulouse. Be sure to attend the Special Interest Session ‘SIS 31 State-of-Play SRTI: Road safety mobility data sharing in EU’ on Tuesday 31 May, Tuesday from 11:45 to 12:45.

Interested companies and institutions are invited to contact for membership or other questions.

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