The C-MobILE project is hosting a webinar entitled “Next steps for C-ITS deployment – Key findings for C-ITS services, and use cases and challenges for large-scale implementation in Europe”. In this webinar,  experts Dr Meng Lu and Dr Oktay Türetken will present the latest results of the C-MobILE project. Based on the findings of the C-ITS Platform, the European initiative C-Roads and other C-ITS projects (previous and on-going), C-MobILE partners have further investigated potential C-ITS services, the needs and requirements of users, and use cases.

During this webinar, the results of C-MobILE’s recent survey of authorities, industry partners, academia and other C-ITS stakeholders will also be presented. A discussion will then take place on the survey and project results and their implications for the development and deployment of C-ITS services, as well as the challenges and concrete next steps for large-scale implementation in Europe.

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