Dear Readers,

As 2013 draws to a close, so does the eMagazine. The December edition of the eMagazine is the final one in its series. We hope that you enjoyed the news on ERTICO projects and partners, and on ITS in general, and we thank you for your loyalty. In 2014, ERTICO news will be published here on the ERTICO Network website. The eMagazine will be replaced by email newsletters containing articles and interviews. The year-end is also a good moment for ERTICO to reflect on its past achievements and the value add it has brought to the ERTICO Partnership.

The ITS Conference in Brussels on 2 December 2013 set the tone for what is to come. Under the motto ‘Triggering ITS Deployment’, several high-level stakeholders reflect on major ITS developments, seamless travel and C-ITS. ERTICO’s Maria De Rycke reports.

In the monthly interview section, ERTICO’s Ian Bearder talked to Anthony Baxendale, head of Future Transport Technologies at MIRA.

MIRA, an independent automotive research, engineering, testing, consultancy and certification organisation, is the newest ERTICO Partner. Together they reflect on the importance of ‘Intelligent Mobility’ and ‘multi-model transport’ for the MIRA business and on the hurdles the organisation currently faces with regard to the development of this business section. Mr. Baxendale also elaborates on the rationale of joining the ERTICO Partnership and the anticipated benefits of the Membership.

ERTICO’s Carla Coppola looks back on the eCoMove final event that took place in Aachen 20 and 21 November 2013. After 3 and a half years, the project partners could present all the applications & services they developed using vehicle-to-X communication technologies to collect and exchange energy-relevant data between vehicles and roadside units. Carla explains what eCoMove can do for drivers, freight companies and the environment, how this kind of communication technology can improve the preview of the traffic situation ahead and therefore determine the most economical route of driving.


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