Herewith is an overview of the 2013 results of the other ERTICO Partnership projects

Projects – EcoMobility

eCoMove presented its results at the final event in Aachen, validating ecoservices with CO2 reductions of 4-25% by using eCoMove applications for eco-driving, fleet and traffic management based on V2X communication;

Compass4D targets improved road safety and energy efficiency through implementation of C-ITS in 7 European cities.

The mayors of Vigo, Copenhagen and Verona have shown full commitment to the project. During the ITS World Congress, Compass4D was considered a lighthouse initiative for the deployment of C-ITS in Europe by the European Commission;

The Amitran project started development of the on-line checklist and handbook to be used for impact assessment of ITS measures targeting reduction of CO2 emission, (to be released by mid 2014).

Projects – SafeMobility
79GHz contributed further to the harmonised automotive frequency regulations worldwide and the 79 GHz rulemaking process in a number of countries;

CityMobil2 is developing with 15 European cities a framework for testing and certifying fully automated road vehicles for urban transport systems;

The ERTICO Partnership contributed to the revision of the main eCall CEN standard EN16062 – High Level Application;

Through UDRIVE, ERTICO has been working with research organisations to set up large-scale naturalistic driving data collection;

ERTICO organised 6 iMobility Forum constituency meetings, contributed to the iMobility Challenge conference in The Hague and supported the activities of the 10 active Working Groups;

ERTICO completed successfully the coordination of the DRIVE C2X data collection operations; 

ERTICO contributed to PROS by writing the Road Safety Research Agenda;

ERTICO guaranteed the next steps of the FOT-Net focusing on FOT data accessibility and sharing;

ERTICO has conducted a study on Probe Data and launched the iMobility Forum Probe Data Working Group with a trilateral collaboration between EU-US-and Japan;

In workshops, ERTICO Partners have defined eCall Testing needs for future ERTICO/ETSI testing events 

ERTICO published newsletters on the progress of standardisation and related activities such as Testfest.

Projects – SmartMobility

SATIE organised a stakeholder workshop at the Helmond cooperative ITS testbed “DITCM”. The organisers of ten European ITS testbeds explored a preliminary concept for a European network of testbeds and innovation incubators;

Viajeo Plus helped the EC organise the EU-China workshop, “Towards Innovative Joint Solutions for Common Urbanisation Challenges”, and the EU-China Urbanisation Forum during the high-level EU-China summit 2013, delivering key recommendations on future  cooperation in ITS, with special relevance for R&D in the EU “Horizon 2020” framework programme. 


TISA continued to support maintenance and development of standardised technologies for a wide
range of travel information services and products;

The ADASIS Forum started the development of new specifications to support automated driving. Increasingly, in-vehicle systems are enabled with ADASIS, in particular Daimler announced the roll-out of ADASIS in all their vehicles;

TN-ITS – ERTICO ensured exploitation of the ROSATTE results with the establishment of the Transport Network ITS spatial data (TN-ITS) deployment platform.

International Cooperation 

EUTRAIN organised a Latin-American regional workshop in Brazil, to discover how Latin America and Europe can cooperate, and explore common areas of interest regarding transport research;

ERTICO contributed to the iMobility Forum roadmap for Automation in Road Transport in the newly established EU-US- Japan trilateral WG on Automation, and the launch of the VRA – Vehicle and Road Automation support action to follow up on the activities;

FOT-Net organised an international workshop during the ITS World Congress strengthening cooperation between Europe and other regions on Field Operational Test activities.