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Whether you were in Rio Cologne or Venice  or in your office wishing to be in Rio Cologne or Venice we hope you had a nice Carnival celebration. 

In this edition of our eMagazine we take a detailed look at the future of ITS services.  

On 13 February ERTICO flew to Barcelona to participate in the workshop on ITS and new services organised by ERTICO and FIA (representing the Users Sector Platform). During the vibrant discussion some specific issues concerning personal mobility came up. Particular attention was given to open and high quality data for traffic information free and fair competition and new and sustainable business models for service providers and automobile clubs. In the article Laura Johnstone  looks deeper into these three big themes keeping an eye on the consumers needs.

Many of those challenges will be tackled under a new ERTICO partnership project which started at the end of January: Mobinet. The project will explore the endless potential of an ‘Internet of mobility’ and Ian Bearder attended the Kick-Off meeting to see what the project is all about. 

We also look at the year that will come with an emphasis on the ERTICO’s activities. With two Congresses coming in June in Dublin and in October in Tokyo; three new projects (Compass4D Mobinet and HeERO2) starting; and numerous events and workshops to be planned 2013 will be a year to be remembered. With ECOeffect COSMO and EcoMove projects coming to an end we also are pleased to announce their forthcoming final events discover what and how in the article.

Speaking of new starts another project Compass4D kicked off few weeks ago in the exotic city of Vigo in Spain. On that occasion Carla Coppola had the opportunity to speak with Abel Caballero Mayor of Vigo and former Spanish Minister of transport. Mr Caballero explained us the importance of cooperative systems in urban mobility safety and environment.

We also would like to anticipate that the registrations for the 9th European Congress in Dublin will open at the end of this month keep an eye on the Congress website ( and for the most tech people follow the latest news on twitter @ITS_Congresses.

As always we hope you will enjoy this edition of the ERTICO eMagazine.


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Original Publication Date: Wed 26 Sep 2012