In the construction of the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world Siemens will be the general contractor responsible for the development installation and commissioning of all components and systems for the traffic control technology. The six-lane bridge is part of a freeway project linking the cities of Istanbul and Izmir in Western Turkey. The customer is the Japanese company IHI Infrastructure Systems Co. Ltd. The volume of the contract for Siemens is worth around 17 million euros. Commissioning is scheduled for 2015.

Siemens is equipping the almost three-kilometer-long freeway bridge at the eastern end of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey with state-of-the-art traffic control technology. This includes the traffic control system monitoring technology and components for the technical infrastructure such as communication and camera equipment energy supply lighting and ventilation. The nucleus is the integrated operations and traffic control technology center. The traffic control system combines all operating and traffic data in the control center guides the traffic flows and monitors the situation on the freeway bridge. The operations control technology controls lighting ventilation and energy distribution and supply on the bridge.

The region around Izmir is prone to earthquakes and therefore requires special monitoring technology. Integrated seismic sensors therefore monitor the stability of the local infrastructure and supply data on the state of components and buildings continuously. Any damage or deformation is detected and reported at an early stage.

Siemens is also supplying components for the technical infrastructure such as camera surveillance technology and emergency call control centers for the new building in Turkey. Plus the complete lighting system for the bridge deck and air traffic as well as dehumidification systems for girders cables and pylons. A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system will be used for the process monitoring and control of the system.

The construction of the bridge and the 420-kilometer-long highway between Istanbul and Izmir is part of the largest freeway project in Turkey to date. This new six-lane bridge connection will cut the travel time between both cities from eight to four hours. The new freeway will also relieve inner-city traffic congestion in Istanbul. The newly constructed highway will shift the traffic to the Istanbul suburbs and lessen congestion in the city center.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 27 Sep 2012