As of this year, the European community of shippers, logistics service providers, mobility infrastructure providers, cities, authorities and the automotive industry will benefit from two brand new European-funded projects: 5G-LOGINNOV and 5G-META. By testing and evaluating 5G-enabled services, 5G-LOGINNOV will reduce emissions, synchronise 5G in “intelligent” approaches to the management, routing and optimisation in port areas and use a secure information sharing infrastructure. 5G-META, coordinated by ERTICO Partner Vicomtech, will evaluate and showcase the added value of 5G technology for connected and automated mobility applications.

ERTICO is delighted to announce the start of a brand new European-funded project that will optimise operations and the maintenance of ports and logistics hubs thanks to cutting edge 5G enabled-services: 5G-LOGINNOV. The project will bring together 15 partners to evaluate and showcase the added value of 5G technology for logistics and port operations in three Living Labs (Athens (GR), Hamburg (GE) and Luka Koper (SV) ), and will support the adoption and take-up of 5G enabled next generation operation systems of ports and logistics hubs in Europe and beyond.

“With 5G-LOGINNOV, ERTICO goes one step further in deploying its roadmap. Our goal is in fact to increase interoperability, connectivity in the optimisation of cargo flows, and to facilitate supply chain management, whilst making better use of existing resources”, said ERTICO Senior Manager Eusebiu Catana who led the writing consortium for the project. “5G-LOGINNOV will in fact pave the way towards efficient freight and traffic operations at ports and logistics hubs by using new innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, next generation traffic management, CCAM (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility) and the 5G logistics corridor”, he concluded.

Thanks to the use of 5G technologies, 5G-LOGINNOV will also achieve the following:

  • 10% higher load factors, consequently reducing CO2/NOX emissions linked to transport, and regulating the resulting freight traffic on future 5G logistics corridors in the EU;
  • Reach the goals set by the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal;
  • Enable more accurate positioning and real-time visual information on vehicles without communication abilities and monitor their influence on traffic behaviour;
  • Regulate the freight traffic generated by ports and logistics hubs on the future 5G logistics corridors in EU and integrate future Connected and Automated truck platooning.

Overall, 5G-LOGINNOV will boost maintenance innovations at ports and logistics hubs operations by involving new market actors, such as SMEs and start-ups, taking advantage of the growing adoption of distributed cloud computing technologies in 5G networks and facilitating open innovation at a service level in the logistics and industry 4.0 sectors.

The project will also support and contribute to the emergence of global standards of 5G enabled next generation ports and logistics hubs operation systems to ensure interoperability, platform openness and operation harmonisation around future 5G logistics cross-border corridors.

With the project 5G-META, Vicomtech and ERTICO will contribute with 10 other Partners to empowering the automotive ecosystem from industry players to new entrants, such as SMEs and high-tech start-ups, granting access to interoperable car-captured data according to data licenses. “The access to data coming from relevant geographical regions will be a catalyst for the generation of new opportunities and business models from valuable services. In these cases, data liability and billing will rely on the accountability dashboard of dataflow subscription and volume consumption”, said ERTICO’s I&D Director Johanna Tzanidaki.

Through 5G-LOGINNOV and 5G-META, ERTICO will continue its work towards seamless logistics and freight transport and increase the proliferation of connected and automated mobility applications, achieving by 2030 the full digitalisation and automation of freight and logistics operations and the commercial deployment of driverless mobility.

For more information about 5G-LOGINNOV, please contact Stephane Dreher.

For more information about 5G-META, please contact Coen Bresser.