Decarbonisation and electrification of transport are buzzwords in today’s Smart Mobility ecosystem and were at the centre of discussion at the European Commission’s roundtable “Towards Zero Emissions Road Transport” (2ZERO).

ERTICO was invited to advise on the impact of new mobility solutions, in particular in the field of clean mobility, together with its Partners Volvo, BMW, Valeo and Idiada.

“For the last two decades ERTICO has taken a leading role when it comes to discussing the decarbonisation and the electrification of transport. In addition, it is also important to take part in discussions on how we can support and strengthen the industry in this transition period”, said ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard.

Indeed, ERTICO plays a leading role when it comes to supporting its Partners in the automotive industry.

Today, Europe can boast from a competitive automotive industry, especially when it comes to efficient combustion engine technology, but at the same time, this industry also needs to be supported when it comes to decarbonisation and electrification of the fleet.

“This is why ERTICO’s role is to advise on the impact of new mobility solutions and demands. Today, we are contributing to defining the research agenda through our work in the European Green Vehicle Initiative Association (EGVIA), ERTRAC and with other Commission-supported initiatives”, concluded Mr. Bangsgaard.

2ZERO discussions proved once again that it is essential to rely on organisations that can support Europe’s future transport needs. ERTICO is committed to keep supporting Europe’s competitiveness and decarbonisation process.