In the context of the inter-sectorial dialogue promoted by the European Commission, CONCORDA reiterated its commitment to developing the necessary technologies to make connected and automated driving a reality in Europe.

On 21 and 22 November, ERTICO hosted the CONCORDA technical workshop & General assembly.

The focus of CONCORDA is to establish the right conditions for a reliable and interoperable communications system for such services, to help improving road safety and traffic management across European borders.

Working with a wide range of partners and national public authorities, the telecoms and automotive industries seek to deliver these services in a seamless way.

The applications with major public interest on which CONCORDA’s pre-deployment projects focus are:

  • Highway Chauffeur, which can create opportunities to experience higher levels of automated driving in combination with connectivity;
  • High Density Truck Platooning, which will explore the potential for the logistics sector to be more cost-efficient and effective when transporting goods by road, as well as to contribute to cleaner and safer mobility;

Deploying the necessary technologies and boosting user uptake requires an appropriate regulatory environment.

In this context, CONCORDA calls on the EU to put in place policies that ensure the necessary connectivity levels, and promotes a resilient cyberspace, to ensure consumer trust, allowing for responsible use of data whenever there are no privacy implications.

The successful technical workshop opened also a new project’s phase, with the kick of meeting of the new HELMOND pilot site. All the Dutch partners involved (KPN, TU/E and Siemens) and Bosch are fully committed to implement the new pilot site in the Netherlands.