This month, international players brought the mobility debate to the Middle-East; with firstly the 4th International Conference on Future Mobility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and concluding with the IRU World Congress in Muscat, Oman. ERTICO’s CEO Jacob Bangsgaard was at both events to ignite discussions on international cooperation with overseas counterparts and support attending ERTICO Partners.

In Abu Dhabi, Mr Bangsgaard spoke about Europe’s cross-border collaborative ITS developments, connectivity and automation, introducing ERTICO projects such as InterCor, CONCORDA, AUTOPILOT. He also met with various Partners, including TNO, Hyundai, the Finnish Transport Agency, Toyota and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

“This is the second year that ERTICO partners with this event in the UAE”, said Mr Bangsgaard. “This is a market of high interest for our ERTICO Partners because of the large investments made in mobility and because of the continuous involvement of technology developers and systems providers from outside the region”.

The same week, ERTICO’s CEO also travelled to Oman to attend the IRU World Congress, which gathered more than 1000 delegates from 5 continents, 27 Ministerial delegations and 10 International Organisations.

“It was a pleasure to support our Partner IRU in such an event and to exchange experiences and the latest developments in the field of transport and logistics with the international smart mobility community”, said Mr Bangsgaard.

Throughout the Congress, discussions focused on how businesses and governments collaborate on the use of technology to improve transport possibility and how to enable intermodal transport, data and interoperability, stressing the importance of cross-sector collaboration. An important part of the discussions focused on examining how governments can work better with transport operators in supporting trade facilitation, building human capital, decarbonising, digitalising and facilitating intermodal efficiency.

As regional and national delegations came together to achieve industry objectives and global goals, it is clear that ERTICO is the lynchpin to ensure that cross sector collaboration has a forum in which key mobility players at local, national, regional and global level can meet and work on improving transport around the world.

Photo by IRU, link to photo.