The annual ERTICO General Assembly was yet another occasion to reward the hard work carried out in the past year and to focus on new challenges and decisions.

ERTICO Partners joined at the Autoworld of Brussels on 20 June to discuss the previous year’s achievements and positioning ERTICO as thought leader in smart mobility.

Throughout the years, ERTICO has proven the strength and importance of its Partnership and stakeholder involvement in the deployment and advance of mobility. It can today count on 121 Partners and will continue to provide progress and innovation in the field of mobility.

After three successful years as Chairman, Cees de Wijs, CEO of Dynniq, opened the floor to the newly elected successor of ERTICO’s Supervisory Board Angelos Amditis, Research Director at the Greek Institute of Communication and Computer Systems – ICCS.

The new Chairman delivered an inspiring speech, in which he particularly stressed the importance of transparency and cooperation and thanked all parties who have been deeply involved in shaping ERTICO’s new strategy.

“I thank Cees de Wijs for his leadership of the Supervisory Board and his exceptional work for the ERTICO Partnership. We worked together and with the rest of the members of the Supervisory Board the last years to realize ERTICO’s vision and strategy.”

Angelos Amditis highlighted the importance of Partnership in ERTICO, committing to keep supporting its members with the help of the Supervisory Board and ERTICO staff. “I will pursue close collaboration with all ERTICO partners and the ERTICO Office in order to strengthen even more the ERTICO Partnership and in order to maintain (and even enhance –if possible-) its role as a key organisation for defining and developing further the future of transport, taking into account always the interests of all its sectors”.

The General Assembly was a special moment to show gratitude to those who have actively participated in and contributed to ERTICO’s work and who brought a significant contribution to the ERTICO community.

A new Supervisory Board was also elected as follows:

-Ronald Adams, Rijkswaterstaat

-Angelos Amditis, ICCS

-Ashweeni Beehari, Satellite Applications Catapult

-Anders Bonander, Volvo

-Cees De Wijs, Dynniq

-Andreas Erwig, TomTom

-Wolfgang Foltin, DENSO

-Frank Försterling, Continental

-George Gillespie, City of Glasgow

-Olle Isaksson, Ericsson

-Thomas Kusche-Knežević, WDR

-Thomas Møller Thomsen, FIA Region I

-Luis Puerto, RACC

-Christian Rousseau, Renault

-Mika Rytkönen, HERE

-Francisco Sanchez, CTAG

-Markus Schlitt, Siemens

-Michael Schuch, Swarco

-Jan van der Wel, Technolution

-Joost Vantomme, ACEA

-Ralf Willenbrock, T-Systems