As of March 2012 the i-Mobility monthly newsletter will have a new look! In order to improve the quality of our articles and to better serve our readership we will restructure our monthly newsletter by shortening it and focusing on specific topics.

ERTICO will keep posting new stories on its website; therefore cooperation with the ERTICO Partners and i-Mobility Network Members will continue to be fundamental for assuring a constant information flow.

Meanwhile the new shorter sharper ERTICO magazine will focus more on specific topics. In addition to our usual section dedicated to interviews the ERTICO editorial team will select stories and write articles and reports on current trends and events of the ITS world centre attention on EU policy decisions and initiatives and investigate industry developments.

Just like the newsletter today the magazine will be sent out monthly directly to your in-box. The email will of course also contain all the month’s ITS news whether from ERTICO Partners the i-Mobility Network the EU or national authorities or others.

The first edition will be published at the end of March; if you already receive the i-Mobility newsletter the magazine will be sent to you automatically. However if you do not receive the i-Mobility Newsletter but you would like to receive the new magazine please send an email to Nicolas White.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 01 Mar 2012