The ITS (UK) Public Transport Interest Group has elected a new Chairman Gary Umpleby who is General Manager Hogia Transport Systems Limited The outgoing Chairman Dr Chris Querée founded the Group in 1999. The PTIG has around 200 participants and covers travel information ticketing control safety and security systems. It provides a neutral forum for public and private sector representatives with an interest in the use of Intelligent Transport Systems for public transport.

Gary Umpleby said: “I very much look forward to working with the Members of the Group through 2012 and beyond. I would also like to thank Chris personally for his sterling stewardship of the PTIG over the last twelve years during which time the PTIG has come to be a centre of excellence in the UK and also internationally for public transport related technology. Chris will be an impossible ‘act to follow’ but together with the two Honorary Secretaries of the Group Daniel Hobbs of Aecom and Debo Shopade of Centro I will endeavour to continue the good work and to deliver benefit where we can to the PTIG membership.

For my part I have a specific ‘mission’ – partly driven by my work at Hogia but also by a developing personal passion to introduce into the UK some basic changes to the way in which we manage public transport data which I believe and a number of colleagues in the industry also believe could deliver a step-change in the usability of public transport – in particular use of the bus and its interaction with other public (and private) transport modes.”

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Original Publication Date: Tue 28 Feb 2012