The recent Public Authorities Platform meeting was held at the Ministry of Transport in Prague on 3rd February hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe Partner the Czech Ministry of Transport. Jindrich Fajka representing the Ministry gave a very interesting introductory presentation on the status of ITS in the Czech Republic explaining that the ITS agenda was seen as a priority by the Czech government with respect to their current Presidency of the EU. 
The meeting went on to discuss current and future ERTICO activities and the Public Authorities role within them in particular with respect to the EU ITS Action Plan.   Participants gave updates on the latest ITS developments in their countries and also discussed further involvement of the Public Authorities in the area of urban mobility and cooperative systems.

The meeting was followed by a magnificent lunch at a local Prague restaurant enabling participants to further their discussions relating to ITS issues.



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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010