ERTICO – ITS Europe, Port of Hamburg, IRU and PTV are the authors of the Progress Report of  DTLF’s Subgroup 1 (e-transport documents) and 2 (corridor cargo flow information optimisation).
The objective of the subgroup 1 on electronic documents (the e-document subgroup) is to promote and facilitate the use of transport documents in an electronic format. Group 1 is divided in 3 sub-groups; one on acceptance of electronic transport documents from all transport modes, the second on a mapping and comparison of such documents from all the modes and the third on documents following the vehicle and driver.

The general objective of the corridor cargo flow optimisation subgroup 2 is to facilitate the electronic exchange of information in transport and logistics, with the objective of removing technical, operational and administrative barriers between and within traffic modes.

Together with the Port of Hamburg, IRU and PTV, ERTICO presented the report at the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) Plenary at the European Commission on 20 September 2016.

Besides two sub-group meetings, the subgroup produced a number of deliverables including  Work Methodology of the subgroup on cargo flow optimisation, DTLF Survey Analysis (a questionnaire to contribute to the definition of specific topics for further work and establishing a first set of working topics), DTLF Survey results (aimed at analyzing the data gathered through the survey and at presenting the key trends and results that emerged from the investigation) and DTLF Activity 3 report Business Case Description (to prioritise and select the business cases on the Scan-Med Corridor according to a comprehensive set of criteria for prioritisation).

The DTLF Subgroup also proposed next steps including the definition of roadmap, acceptance of e-transport documents for seamless data exchange and synchronization with Sub-Group 1 dealing with e-transport documents.

During the day, DG MOVE gave an overview on the C-ITS development in the freight and logistics sector, CO-GISTICS was mentioned as an example project moving this development forward. For more information, please download the presentation.


At the beginning of April 2015 the European Commission published a Decision to set up the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) which will assist the Commission in the exchange of electronic information in the field of transport and logistics. The  DTLF Forum held its second Plenary session on 29 October in Brussels where relevant working groups were launched.

For more information visit the EC website.