The MaaS Alliance Working Group ‘Governance and Business Models’ operates from a bottom-up perspective and explores the ‘trusted network’ concept within Mobility as a Service (MaaS). To further extend the opportunities and explore the different business models, the working group has developed a series of three two-pagers on specific topics that reflect the members’ vision on accelerating MaaS Growth by looking beyond the narrow perspectives.

The working group publishes the first two-pager on Active Mobility with two cases from MaaS Alliance members, Meep and Iomob.  Since MaaS integrates various forms of transport and transport-related services into a single, comprehensive, and on-demand mobility service, active mobility modes such as bicycling and walking are an essential part of the services offered. This document examines the opportunities that active mobility modes bring to accelerate the adoption and growth of MaaS in the market and achieve desired societal goals.

MaaS Alliance aims to facilitate an open and sustainable MaaS ecosystem that benefits users, societies, and the environment. To achieve this mission, the Alliance brings together stakeholders from all sectors to enable the successful deployment of MaaS around the world. The MaaS Alliance comprises three working groups operating under the MaaS Alliance’s auspices, addressing user needs, regulatory challenges, governance and business models, technology, and standardisation. The working groups work, and results support the foundations for a thriving MaaS ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

With the ongoing COP26 negotiations on emission reduction, Mobility as a Service provides suitable transportation means to meet a customer’s needs, whether public transport, taxi or car rental or even ride-, car- or bike-sharing. By fulfilling the users’ needs for mobility, with a wide range of transport services for both travellers and goods, MaaS offers tailor-made transport on demand. MaaS Alliance aims to build an open mobility market for seamless, demand-based sustainable travel by bringing together organisations from different sectors. Building on the COP26 goals and the importance of empowering inclusive action, Mobility as a Service is an important solution that supports the transition to sustainable modes of travel.

In the upcoming weeks, two more publications will be available on the topics on MaaS and Corporate Mobility; and MaaS and Behaviour Change/Nudging, à stay tuned!

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