Prepare to be transported into the future of innovation and smart mobility at Connecting Europe Days (3-5 April),  TRA Dublin (16-18 April) and Intertraffic Amsterdam (16-19 April) as ERTICO presents its dynamic public-private partnership and a variety of activities, from EU-funded projects and innovation platforms to the leading event, the 30th ITS World Congress, hosted this year in Dubai (16-20 Sep).

As one of Europe’s largest mobility flagship events, Connecting Europe Days is set to unfold in Brussels this week (2-5 April) and ERTICO is pleased to bring expertise on Thursday 4 April at 09:00 am with CEO Joost Vantomme as moderator of Debate 18 on ‘Data-driven Mobility and Transport Policy: the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’.  The session will dig into the important aspects of ensuring high-quality data availability for informed policy-making and enhanced public services in transport. The panellist will also explore challenges and opportunities surrounding data accessibility, particularly focusing on electric vehicle infrastructure and real-time pricing information. Discover more about what to expect during this dialogue here.

During the next key event of the month, on 8th April, ERTICO will be joining forces with the Serbian ITS Association, a member of the ITS Nationals Network, and Belgrade’s Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, and organising a seminar ‘Familiarisation with ITS initiatives in Europe and the world’. The event is expected to attract the great attention of transport and mobility professionals in Serbia and the wider region. Taking place at the Faculty’s Conference Hall, the event will feature a keynote by ERTICO’s Director of Strategy & Innovation, Vladimir Vorotovic. He will share his knowledge and experience about the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector, the most recent revision of the ITS Directive, significant efforts on the EU-funded projects, the most important global events, including the 30th ITS World Congress in Dubai, and the latest initiatives in Europe, but also the world from the perspective of ERTICO.

TRA Dublin presents many opportunities for ERTICO to engage and connect with like-minded organisations. CEO Joost Vantomme will have the great pleasure of moderating a slot in Strategic Session 4.3 on ‘How to Achieve Transport Data Sharing?’ on Thursday 18 April at 14:15. This session addresses inefficiencies in the movement of people and goods caused by paper-based documents, fragmented information, and system silos. It will also focus on technological innovations for real-time information sharing, acknowledging varying digitalization maturity levels in the market. The key objective is to discuss how to achieve integrated, interoperable, and harmonized approaches, emphasizing the need for common datasets, governance for data sharing, and agreed-upon data and business models. Read more about the session and full programme here.

ERTICO’s presence in the exhibition, booth 23A, will invite attendees to discover many opportunities and offers waiting at the upcoming ITS World Congress in Dubai, including exhibition and sponsorship opportunities and much more. The event also offers the wider community of mobility stakeholders to learn more about several projects in which ERTICO is involved, including the SUNRISE project member ICCS, also an esteemed ERTICO Partner who will present a paper titled ‘Collective Perception Virtual Safety Validation in Urban Environments: Scenarios, Tools, Metrics’ which relates to the projects‘, related to the project’s “cooperative perception testing”.

Another key project, PoDIUM, will be presented in the Special Session 4.4 ‘CCAM session on physical/digital Infrastructure’ on Wednesday 17 April at 09:45. Project Coordinator, Lazaros Gkatzikis from ICCS, will focus on the multi-connectivity aspects in the project and how this enables the development of advanced CCAM services. eCharge4Drivers will also be on-site during lunchtime at the European Commission’s stand and the PLOTO project will be featured alongside the ReNEW and CRISTAL projects at a shared booth within the ETP-ALICE stand, providing a designated focal point for discussions on Inland Waterways. The ALICE booth will also showcase projects from the AEVETO Cluster, which aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles for medium and heavy-duty applications.

The NextETRUCK project under ERTICO’s Clean & Eco-Mobility focus, will be displayed at TRA as part of the cluster, presenting its latest updates on use cases for decarbonising urban deliveries. The SHOW project, nearing its completion in September 2024, will be represented at the UITP stand, by the project coordinator, to engage with stakeholders and discuss the project’s legacy. Also at the UITP stand, SOLUTIONSplus will have a dedicated presentation by the project coordinator. Within urban mobility and new shared mobility systems, the SUM project will be present at the TRA: SUM will be promoted at the ERTICO stand and will be showcased during Special Session 1.3 – User Acceptance: Key to Successfully Transitioning to the Future European Mobility System.

ERTICO’s presence at Intertraffic Amsterdam, booth 02.332, will be nestled amidst the Smart Mobility Exhibition halls to showcase many of its activities and the latest announcement of the ITS World Congress in Dubai which has launched its registrations. Throughout the week, ERTICO will delve into the intricacies of smart mobility, offering insights into the latest developments of its projects and innovation platforms. One of which, the European Automated Valet Parking (EAVP), will have a prominent presence, and its Partner, the European Parking Association (EPA), will hold a session on Wednesday 17 March to discuss the role of Automated Valet Parking (AVP) in the future of parking and how AIoT will change how we move and park. SKIDATA, also one of the platform’s members, will showcase AVP technology with live broadcasts from an AVP-equipped location at their booth throughout the event. The MaaS Alliance, another influential association in the urban mobility sphere supported by ERTICO, will also showcase its initiatives with a stand at MaaS Pavillion in addition to its participation in a number of sessions:

  • 16/04, 14:30-15:15: Mobility Management: creating a public-private framework to achieve sustainability goals:
  • 18/04. 16:00-17:00: Generic services for mobility
  • 19/04, 10:00-12:00: MaaSter Class What drives the future users of the mobility ecosystem

On Wednesday 17th April, the Association of ITS Nationals will host its Plenary meeting, creating a forum for stakeholders to update each other on the EU-wide deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), synchronise actions, and explore avenues for joint advocacy.

In concurrence with Intertraffic, the Amsterdam Drone Week (16-18 April), will be another featured event during the week where ERTICO will have a prominent presence. On the first day, 16th April, at 15:30, CEO Joost Vantomme will present ERTICO and bring the ITS chapter into the equation on  ‘Sustainable Development Perspectives on Urban Air Mobility’ – UIC2 Panel. Access the programme and learn more about the session here.

Stay tuned for more updates from the active representation of ERTICO’s team across Europe.