ERTICO expert and 5G-MOBIX project coordinator Francois Fischer presented the Automated Mobility needs for 5G and the essential new 5G technological features during a workshop held at the EU Parliament. Functional interoperability of 5G networks is what 5G-MOBIX large scale pilots will be testing during the duration of the project. Work in this field is key to contributing towards the successful deployment of CAM.

The presentation was part of a workshop held at the EU parliament on 6 February 2019, organised by our Partner TNO, in collaboration with Caroline Nagtegaal (MEP) and DG CONNECT Future Connectivity Systems Unit.

Francois Fischer stressed that automated mobility requirements for 5G go beyond interoperability of systems and are rather related to “Functional Interoperability” for deploying mobility applications and services. The 5G-MOBIX large scale pilot will address interoperability needs for validating 5G benefits for CCAM and the Brainport (Helmond/TNO) trial site will in particular address operational and interoperability issues across three use cases: Motorway High Level Self driving, Automated Valet Parking and Intersection Services.

“Reliable deployment of Connected and Automated Mobility requires functional interoperability for 5G networks using virtualized networks functions, which will soon be tested in the 5G-MOBIX large scale pilot about 5G for CCAM” concluded Francois Fischer.