Innovative connection concept for logistics and supply chain management

European logistics stakeholders are increasingly under pressure to reduce the impact that their operations have on the environment. They also have to consider a better way to improve certain aspects of goods management such as guaranteeing reliable real-time information exchange for goods movement between transport modes.

A vast amount of technologies to manage different aspects of goods transport is already available today, but these existing systems are currently not linked to each other, missing the opportunity to optimise the performance of their cooperation.

This special session (SIS 11) will show the concrete benefits of merging two worlds: logistics and cooperative mobility services.

Transport stakeholders from the European projects iCargo and CO-GISTICS will show interactively how organisations in the field of logistics and supply chain management can exchange information in a secure and controlled way, and how this can help to optimise business.

The session will focus on the integration of currently existing freight and transport systems with new innovative cooperative services and intelligent cargo. This combination will lead to an improvement of energy efficiency and to a more sustainable mobility of goods in the city logistics.

Join the SIS 11 on 18 June starting at 9:00!

For more information and to view the online timetable, visit the ITS European Congress website.

Original author: ERTICO CC