The current pandemic has created huge challenges for society with business strategies, planned events and work travel across all industries halted in a climate filled with health worries and financial concerns for the future. ERTICO is no different and intently follows changes in the situation as they occur, but strives to maintain its role in providing the latest updates in ITS information and the opportunity to network as long as is feasibly possible.

ERTICO has now had to put on hold current events such as the ITS European Congresses, but is working in close cooperation with National ITS organisations, host cities, and local partners on an event strategy to re-schedule them as soon as the situation is more secure. It has already been announced that the 2020 ITS European Congress planned for 18-20 May 2020 in Lisbon will be postponed to 22-24 May 2023. In the meantime, ERTICO will take this opportunity to work on virtual solutions to ensure the ITS conversation continues as usual.