The Swedish Parliament ( Riksdag) has accepted the Government’s proposal for electronic shipping notes for road transport. But it takes some time before they can be used.

“We from the Transport Companies and the Transport Industry Association have struggled for this long and the decision is therefore welcomed,” says Göran Arkler, Head of the Transport Industry Association, the Transport Companies.

The change is based on the fact that Sweden complies with the so-called CMR convention that regulates international freight transport by road, but also in the Riksdag’s decision that freight bills in electronic form should also be used for domestic transport – if the consignor and the carrier agree.

When the decision comes into force has no date yet, this requires a special decision by the government.

ERTICO is pushing for implementation of e-CMR and other digital freight solutions through projects, ERTICO Academy and ITS Congresses. To read the whole article ( Swedish) click here