ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard presented ERTICO’s activities in Kazan Digital Week’s Opening Ceremony this week.  Panel discussions, technical tours, sightseeing views, high level round table session and rich cultural displays from folkloric music and dance to Louis Armstrong were just some of the virtually available events available to international participants; offering a sneak preview of the of the innovative solutions showcased by the City of Kazan and the region of Tatarstan ahead of the 1st Central Eastern ITS Congress in the autumn of September 2022.

“This year, we have been faced with massive changes and challenges to our society, but disruptions are also coming to the mobility landscape that will require electrification and digitalisation, as well as a keen focus on security and safety. New mobility means that convenience for users must be at the heart of our work, in order to change our cities into the cities of tomorrow. ERTICO believes it is well equipped to support these changes. Initiatives such as the City Moonshot, the Academy as well as the Virtual ITS European Congress in November and ITS World Congress in Hamburg next October offers the opportunities to bring ITS players together for learning and to experience ITS solutions, “ he said in the Opening Ceremony “Digital transformation: Challenges and prospects.”

Presentations were delivered by international companies including Huawei, Swarco, DiDi and Continental as well as Russian companies National Telematic systems, Ak Bars Bank and InnoSTage with more than 100 online exhibitors, 54 speakers from 26 countries discussing an overview of world and Russian trends in cybersecurity issues, technology developments in the banking sector and the most recent business innovations in digitalisation, with 4 high-level round tables, 37 sections, 5 workshop sections and 14 technical tours on-offer.

“Kazan is at the heart of IT development in Russia and provides the perfect bridge between Europe and Asia,” continued Mr Bangsgaard “ERTICO is very happy to have initiated this strong collaboration with Tatarstan and the City of Kazan and we are sure it will continue! The strong network of contacts that we have made and that now exists between the region and ERTICO Partners we are sure will lead to further collaboration in business opportunities, events and projects of  mutual interest and benefit. I think everyone working in smart mobility can learn from this region. We are delighted to be able to support the Republic of Tatarstan and the City of Kazan in their efforts to push forward innovation and look forward to the 1st Central Eastern ITS Congress in 2022”.