Empowering business to reduce their carbon footprint through emissions accounting

The consortium partners of the LEARN project invite you to join the LEARN International Workshop on 4 and 5 April 2017 in Brussels. The event brings together private sector, government and civil society stakeholders with an interest in reducing the carbon footprint of the global freight and logistics sector. You can register here.

Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO-ITS Europe, will talk about the AEOLIX project on second day of the workshop, 5th April in the morning session on “Data collection and exchange”.



The project ‘Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reduction Network’ (LEARN) empowers business to reduce the carbon footprint across their global logistics supply chain through improved emissions accounting.

This workshop aims to introduce the LEARN project, partners and activities, collect feedback from stakeholders and explore how we can work together to maximize business uptake of carbon accounting and reduction. It will cover:

  • Introduction to the LEARN project and its objectives
  • What support companies need to measure, report and verify (MRV) emissions and how a label can recognize good performance
  • The practical applicability of emissions MRV and a label in complex multi-modal logistics settings
  • The importance of supportive policy and research
  • How to develop and involve a LEARN multi-stakeholder network to maximize business uptake of carbon accounting and reduction

The LEARN international workshop is organised in cooperation with the Europe Workshop on Green Freight Programs on 6 and 7 April in Brussels. This event brings together governments, industry and civil society to explore how to expand green freight programs across Europe and promote collaboration between them. For more information please click HERE.