Today, ERTICO is delighted to announce that PARIFEX, a market leader on Engineering and Speed Control System design, has joined its Partnership. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the suppliers sector.

 “PARIFEX is delighted and enthusiastic about joining ERTICO as a member of the Suppliers sector. We have developed solutions for smart city and smart mobility, with an innovative sensor based on 3D LiDAR and we believe our research could be of great help for cities and ITS players. We really want to be part of shaping the new mobility together with other ERTICO Partners. We are willing to participate in innovative projects and hope to be involved in many more exciting ERTICO activities.”

Founded in 1994, PARIFEX is a well-established company with recognized technical expertise in various sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, airport, stationery, telecommunications. They operate in two very distinct fields of activity: engineering and speed control system design. Whilst being distinct, PARIFEX says that, at the same time, they are very complementary.

PARIFEX relies on two engineering competence centres –  one in France and one in Malaysia. The company also has a department for the manufacture of speed control systems in France.

“ERTICO is very excited to welcome PARIFEX on board! It is clear that as a company and as a team, they have lots of energy and are very ambitious to make progress in the smart mobility sector. It is also very obvious that they will be a very active Partner – just the kind of company ERTICO appreciates!  We are greatly looking forward to their insights and experience,” said Cordelia Wilson, Marketing and Partnership Manager for ERTICO.

ERTICO and its Partners will be able to gain a high level of knowledge in engineering and speed control system design from PARIFEX during ERTICO Academy webinars and other Partner events. PARIFEX will benefit from access to an extensive network of smart mobility players, further project opportunities and the possibility to offer its keen insights on engineering and speed control system design to other mobility stakeholders through the ERTICO Academy.

For Partnership inquiries, please contact ERTICO’s Marketing & Partnership Manager Cordelia Wilson.