A visionary is one who can envision the future. Applied to mobility, and linked to the social and economic consequences of technological innovation, this concept instantly leads us towards  future thinking, planning and the transformation of the global transport industry using both imagination and wisdom as well as the latest technologies.

The ITS eco-system evolves continuously to incorporate the latest technologies and trends, the needs of the environment, disruptions at the level of society and users’ demands. Transport services need to take into account the necessities of their final users and vulnerable groups. Stakeholders need to reinvent their business models in keeping with the  new mobility landscape, urban settings and future possibilities. Micro-mobility, ride-sharing, drones and not to forget new forms of cooperation between the public and the private sector in governance schemes with regards to mobility are more and more a reality – a real R-evolution.

ERTICO’s daily mission and work is about connecting with the ITS Community, creating awareness to policy makers, users, suppliers and researchers, offering reliable knowledge and finally ensuring the deployment of ITS technologies. Cooepration among the different sectors active in ITS, is key to a visionary future in mobility and this is what ERTICO does best. It brings its 8 sectors around the table and discusses innovation, because innovation can not take place by one stakehodler or one sector alone.

For these reasons, when creating an innovative format such as the first Virtual ITS European Congress, ‘visionary’ became one of the four pillars of the event. Setting a shared vision based on cooperation and alignment of all mobility players will lead to enhanced, inclusive mobility from both technology and from the side of governmance.

In addition to the dedicated High Level Session specifically on this topic, the theme will be discussed in several other moments throughout the programme:

  • Mobility Network Management with interactive traffic management and MaaS: this session will explore the approach of future mobility management, integrating the concepts of Interactive Traffic Management and Mobility as a Service;
  • Transforming vehicles and transport systems with 5G and AI: a discussion on the key role of the combination of AI and 5G connectivity for the transformation of the whole transportation sector;
  • The business case for closed loop Smart cards in MaaS: this debate will focus on the technological, regulatory, operational and political barriers to bringing closed loop smart cards into a MaaS account-based environment;
  • Electro-micro-mobility: this session will examine the availability of business models and political plans for cities and the industry to continue on the path of electromicromobility.

Discover the full programme of the Virtual ITS European Congress here; you still have time to register and join the digital conversation!