A new project under ERTICO’s Clean & Eco-Mobility focus area kicked off earlier this month in Brussels. The project, NextETRUCK, has the ambition to play a pioneering role in the decarbonization of vehicle fleets by demonstrating next generation e-mobility concepts comprising holistic, innovative, affordable, competitive and synergetic zero emission vehicles and ecosystems for tomorrow’s medium freight haulage. 

The transport industry is the most fossil-fueled dependent, accounting for 37% of CO2 emissions. Freight transport must enforce changes to reduce its environmental impact. NextETRUCK, whose full title is Efficient and affordable Zero Emission logistics through NEXT generation Electric TRUCKs, is co-funded under the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme, which supports projects investing in resilient and sustainable smart mobility services for people and passengers. NextETRUCK answers the call on “Nextgen vehicles: innovative zero emission BEV architectures for regional medium freight haulage”. 

For 42 months, NextETRUCK will work on zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) fleet deployment for sustainable medium freight haulage (MFH). Innovation and digitalisation will be applied holistically from vehicles to infrastructure, boosting this transformation. The project strives to enhance the energy efficiency of electric vehicles above current market standards, improving the speed of charging and developing a competitive business model. Adaptability to different weather conditions is also a core aspect the partners will work on. ERTICO brings its expertise to the project and contributes to one of our vertical axes: eco-mobility. 

The project will deploy three real cases in Turkey, Barcelona and The Netherlands for evaluation and prove the effectiveness of the results. ERTICO will lead the monitoring of these demonstrations, which will begin after the first year. 

NextETRUCK’s inaugural meeting took place on 6-7 July in Brussels. ERTICO and consortium members from VUB, ABB Panion, TECNALIA, TOMTOM, POLIS, CERTH, AIT, JEMA, AVL-D, AVL AT, IRIZAR, CID, CENEX NL and DATIX came together with Project Coordinator TNO to discuss strategy and next steps to ensure that the project gets off to a good start.

The project website and social media channels will be established in the coming months. Stay tuned to follow the project’s progress.

NextETRUCK has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101056740.