ERTICO and its Partner Okan University are collaborating on start-up and scale up activities that allow SMEs and innovators to grow in the smart mobility world and stimulate the co-creation and co-operation between the EU and Turkey. The start-up community is not only benefitting from this collaboration between ERTICO and Okan University, but will also be able to participate in a vibrant programme of activities dedicated to start-ups at the up-coming ITS World Congress in October.

On 28 May, in the framework of the EU-Turkey cooperation action OPINA (Open Innovation Autonomous vehicle Development and Testing Platform), ERTICO and its Partner Okan University collaborated in OPINA’s second workshop dedicated to startups. Participants had the chance to learn about OPINA’s different support activities for startups implemented together with international industry leaders. Exciting and innovative AV, ADAS and CCAM technology companies were also showcased from both the European and Turkish startup ecosystems. During the workshop, ERTICO provided valuable insights into its planned start-up and scale up activities related to the 2021 ITS World Congress, with particular focus on the program dedicated to start-ups and EU-funded projects scheduled for 13 October.

‘ERTICO is currently working on creating a very interesting and exciting programme for start-ups at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg,’ says Frank Daems, coordinator of the ERTICO Start-up Initiative. ‘With pitch sessions, match making activities and many opportunities to meet high level representatives from the smart mobility sector, start-ups will be spoilt of choice!’ he added.

‘ERTICO is happy to be cooperating with Partner Okan University and involved in projects like OPINA, which play an important incubator role in helping start-ups to grow in well-established environments. Incubators like OPINA provide the necessary resources and support, answering innovators’ needs, ‘ concludes Frank Daems.

Start-ups who would like to learn more about the opportunities offered by ERTICO at the 2021 ITS World Congress can stay informed by clicking on this link and following ERTICO on Twitter and LinkedIn.