Fifth edition of the eSafety Awards “Rewarding excellence in deployment of eSafety systems”


The eSafety initiative brings together the European Commission Public Authorities Industry and other stakeholders in a drive to accelerate the development deployment and use of intelligent vehicle safety systems so called eSafety systems and thus contribute to the European Commission’s ambitious 2001 goal of halving the number of fatalities on Europe Roads by 2010. Over the last years the eSafety Forum has increased its visibility and it is now recognized worldwide as the driving force in promoting eSafety development and deployment in Europe.

The Award Scheme

The eSafety Awards provide an invaluable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding ambitious and innovative eSafety deployments and to reward those people and organisations most worthy of recognition and praise.

This year there are three Award categories:

1.Policy Award

Nominates a person or team from a public administration body which has taken the lead in implementing measures to facilitate eSafety deployment in Europe.

2. Industry/Technology Award

Nominates a person or team from a company or industry initiative which has played a key role in accelerating deployment of eSafety systems in Europe.

3. National / Local ITS Implementation Award

Nominates an action such as a pilot Field operational test (FOT) etc. which has accelerated ITS implementation at National / Local level acting as a European showcase.


Please send us your nominations for the eSafety Awards 2011!


The Awards ceremony 2011

The fifth edition of the eSafety Awards Ceremony will take place on 24 October 2011 in the next eSafety Forum Plenary meeting in Brussels Belgium.

The eSafety Forum members were invited to send their nominations for the candidates for the three categories of the Awards (above) by 20 May 2011.

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eSafety Awards 2010


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Original Publication Date: Wed 27 Apr 2011