Established in 2003 by the European Commission in close collaboration with industry associations and public sector stakeholders the eSafety Forum is a joint platform involving all road safety stakeholders. It originally aimed to promote and monitor the implementation of recommendations identified by the eSafety Working Group and to support the development deployment and use of eSafety systems. In the last year the Forum has identified a new focus for its activities which includes smart and clean mobility to the safety of the European roads.

On the occasion of the 14th eSafety Plenary Meeting (6-7 April) a new name for the forum was voted on and approved by members. The decision to become the iMobility Forum was a natural evolution taking into account the years of social change which have led to traffic-related environmental issues such as fuel efficiency and reduction in pollutant exhausts being attributed the same level of importance as traffic safety. The new name reflects the role that the eSafety Forum played in helping bring about this change as well as its continued presence at the forefront of the field.

The inaugural iMobility Forum Plenary meeting is set to take place on the 24- 25 October 2011. In addition the first iMobility awards will be presented on the 24 October.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 05 Sep 2011