The STRIA Roadmap Smart Mobility Systems and Services reviewed smart mobility technologies and services and their potential and dynamic contribution to overall transport transformation as well as related environmental, public health, urban development and energy policy goals. It recommends innovation actions that are focused on facilitating smart mobility systems and services which avoid further lock-in of unsustainable modes of transport and which deliver equal progress across the core levers of transport transformation available, which are:

 Fuel, vehicle and circulatory efficiency,
 Fuel substitution,
 Modal shift, and
 Land use and demand management.

A key challenge will be to deploy these levers while also ensuring sufficient travel behaviour and demand. While efficient and sustainable technologies and services can make a significant contribution to overall transport sustainability, these will need to be complemented by levers such as sustainable land use, intelligent design of public space as well as other levers that can lead to a reduction in overall travel demand such as virtual mobility.

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Source and photo credits: European Commission