On 7 & 8 of March 2013 ERTICO organised a Latin-American regional workshop held in São Paulo Brazil on behalf of the EUTRAIN consortium. The objective of the event was to discover ways for Latin American and European countries to cooperate and collaborate and to explore common themes of interest in the context of transport research. 

Mrs Gloria Hutt and Mr Vincent Blervaque  

Such events help the exchange of knowledge between Europe and other countries and they also help to achieve the European Commission’s decisions via their outcomes.

Mr Frank Smit Mr Piero Venturi and Vincent Blervaque (ERTICO) 

The following high-level participants took part in the meeting: 

Mrs Gloria Hutt Deputy Minister of Transport and Telecommunications in Chile

Mrs Fabiana Cereseto Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation in Argentina

Mr Piero Venturi Head of Section Delegation of the European Union in Brazil

Mr Frank Smit European Commission

Mrs Carmen La Gamba ITS Argentina

Mr Chequer Jabour Chequer ITS Brazil

Mr Gustavo Barragán Mrs Carmen La Gamba Mrs Fabiana Cereseto Ms Manuela Flachi (ERTICO) Mr Vincent Blervaque (ERTICO)

The workshop also included researchers and industry stakeholders from Brazil Argentina Chile and Venezuela who actively contributed in reporting the reality of their national transport situations and proposed recommendations for future collaborations. At the workshop participants learned about each other’s needs and priorities and about the instruments of international cooperation they have already put in place or envisage in the near future. They discussed current practices for research governance and management barriers gaps within cross-border countries as well as in comparison with Europe.

The dialogue between the European delegates and the Latin America representatives provided important outcomes that will be analyzed carefully in the European Commission working groups. 

Discussion Panel 

ERTICO would like to thank the IPT research institute for hosting the event.

To find out more download the presentations here 

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Original Publication Date: Thu 21 Mar 2013