On 28 October the European Commission launched an EU-wide internet innovation strategy linking governments and different industry sectors across Europe.

The plan aims to make Europe a leader in the research and roll out of future internet technologies needed to ‘smarten up’ infrastructures in areas affecting daily life like among others the transport sector.

According to the European Commission the strategy aims to improve key infrastructures to our economy and society by making them better able to process massive amounts of data in their daily tasks.

As the Internet data traffic is today growing already by 60% every year and connects to billions of sensors and online mobile devices to deliver ever more sophisticated information these infrastructures need to be ‘smart’ enough to use such huge amounts of data in real time.

Smart systems for transport and mobility

The Commission believes that current mobility problems could be improved by putting ‘intelligence’ into the roads and cars with ITS with e.g sensor networks radio frequency tags and positioning systems (such as one day the Galileo navigation satellite system).

On 16 December 2008 the Commission took a major step towards the deployment and use of ITS in road transport by suggesting a number of targeted measures and a proposal for a Directive laying down the framework for their implementation.

The internet technology provide a solution to interconnect these diverse technologies and bring more efficiency to mobility through real time management of public and private transport resources traveller information and decision-making tools way beyond the capability of current solutions.

In this context the Commission urges governments and industry to work together so that European research focuses further on key internet technologies and their fast application to daily life.

The Commission will kick-start this public-private partnership with a call for proposals in 2010. Altogether €300 million are planned for this initiative over the 2011-2013 period – a figure to be matched by industry.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010