In the framework of the Action Plans on ITS and Urban Mobility the European Commission (DG MOVE and DG RTD) organised an Urban ITS workshop on 18 March 2010 in Brussels.
The workshop’s objective was to widen the discussion and to promote a constructive dialogue on Urban ITS between stakeholders in order to prepare the implementation of the Urban ITS Platform.

Amongst European stakeholder organisations (e.g.  POLIS UITP EMTA EuroCities UNIFE ECTRI…) ERTICO was  identified by the EC as one of the key European organisations to actively contribute with its Members to the development of the Urban ITS Platform and therefore an ERTICO delegation was invited to participate to this workshop.

The workshop was composed of four sessions to address following key applications:

  1. Traffic and Travel Information: moderator ERTICO
  2. Smart Ticketing: moderator UITP
  3. Traffic and Access Management: moderator ISIS
  4. Urban Logistics: moderator ITS Spain

A final session was moderated by EC to wrap-up expectations from a European Urban ITS Platform by stakeholder organisations where ERTICO participants pointed out that:

  • ITS will support electric vehicles
  • ITS in trucks could provide first step for implementation of ITS
  • there is a need for a roadmap for implementation of ITS
  • and that interoperability and seamless functioning of technologies and services is needed for user and industry (economies of scale)

The intention is to launch the Urban ITS Platform in 2010 for a duration of 2 years with a link to the upcoming ITS Directive.

More information about the Urban ITS Platform can be found on EC website

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010