mobiAn EU mobility project is offering teams of employees the opportunity to test a game created to encourage them to use energy-efficient and sustainable transport.

The MOBI-project is looking for companies to enter a competition this autumn and try out its award-winning ‘From-5-to-4’ game free for one month.

The game encourages employees to travel to work smarter – either by walking, cycling, public transport or car-sharing – and have fun competing against friends and colleagues at the same time.

In return the project gives employees bespoke information about how much energy they have saved, calories burned as well as the opportunity to win prizes.

F5T4 also provides companies with insights into their mobility patterns, which can contribute to corporate plans and activities to reduce their CO2 footprint.

The MOBI-project is looking for 20 teams made up of company units or departments with a maximum of 50 participants. The purpose of these trials is to obtain further learning and gain insights into the potential of the game.

The F5T4 game, which originates from the Netherlands, has already been implemented in five countries.

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