After two editions of setting up an « Acceleration Programme » for the 10 best European mobility startups in 2018 and 2019, the EUSP has now become a «Day After Programme», providing a fast track to reinvestment. New opportunities for 1500 startups will be offered to connect with European investors in order to support their new mobility & post-COVID challenges.

“It made no sense to continue our business as usual. I really believe in our acceleration programme but, this year, given the extraordinary circumstances, we need to help all our startups. This crisis is also an opportunity to reset the innovation ecosystem for mobility in order to make it greener, cleaner and more inclusive. So it is really a matter of saving European innovation and give it a better chance to bloom greener after the storm“, said Karima Delli, founder of the EUSP.

“The economic situation is not yet stabilized but startups will eventually need investors to be back on the scene as soon as possible. That’s why it was essential to work on a fast track to provide new opportunities for our startups with European investors. Not to mention that the European Investment Bank and the EIT Urban Mobility are now joining forces with us so our startups can have an additional chance to benefit from their EU-funded programmes.”, added Jean-François Dhinaux, CMO and Strategy at Via-ID.

“Once startups apply for our Prize, they are given opportunities to jump into a series of pitch sessions in front of public and private investors. We will organise those online if we are still under restrictions but we will make sure that there will be pitch sessions for every level of startups including Pre-seed, Seed, Serie A and Serie B.“, underlines Joël Hazan, Partner and Managing Director at the Boston Consulting Group.

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  • 20 February 2020: application opened
  • 30 April 2020: applications closed
  • May 2020: announcement of the top 50
  • July 2020: announcement of the top 10
  • September-November 2020: implementation of the “Day After Programme”
  • November 2020: Ceremony and appointment of the Gold Awards