European Union Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, highlighted the important contribution of road transport to the economy and society, to some 250 key stakeholders from the transport industry, European institutions and Member States, at the IRU Spring Cocktail. Ms Bulc underlined that road passenger and freight transport carry more people and goods than any other transport mode. She also previewed topics such as transport sector innovation, interoperability of transport technologies, and an examination of the internal transport market, all of which will be considered within a European Commission ‘road package’ expected in 2016.

Ms Bulc further highlighted the need to keep people in the focus of future transport policies and notably congratulated the IRU for its work with the Smart Move campaign and European Citizens’ Mobility Forum, which resulted in concrete recommendations to double the use of buses and coaches.

Michael Nielsen, General Delegate to the EU, said, “The IRU will continue to respond positively to the Commissioner’s request to fully engage in preparing the forthcoming road package. We look forward to a constructive working relationship and the opportunity of jointly finding solutions to the challenges we face.”


Original source: IRU

Read Violeta Bulc’s keynote speech here