On 21 October 2011 Europe launched the first two operational Galileo satellites from Kourou French Guiana with a Soyuz launcher to reach their orbit at 23.000 kilometres. Europe is now a step closer to having its own smart satellite navigation system which will bring many benefits to our economies and our daily lives. European industry is in pole position to benefit from the Galileo programme by providing businesses and citizens direct access to a satellite navigation signal powered in Europe.

The Galileo programme sets up an enhanced global satellite navigation system providing a highly accurate guaranteed global positioning service. It will offer three services the Open Service (free of charge) and the Public Regulated Service (PRS) the Search-and-Rescue Service as of 2014. Further services to follow later will include a Commercial Service and a Safety-of-Life Service for higher data throughput rate and higher accuracy authenticated data.

In addition the Galileo programme ensures European know-how in a technology that is becoming critical including for such areas as electricity distribution and telecommunication networks. The system established under the Galileo programme is expected to deliver €90 billion over a period of 20 years in terms of additional revenues for industry and in terms of public and social benefits.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 26 Oct 2011