A mass market for intelligent mobility & transport services is almost ready for lift-off, but there are still obstacles on the runway! There is broad consensus that end users and content and service providers in Europe need a way to connect with each other, and that service platforms and market-places will be part of the solution.

A number of European R&D projects as well as national deployments are tackling these barriers, each in their own way. They will offer a lively debate at the Helsinki ITS European Congress next week, and explore paths towards convergence and – eventually – a single service platform supporting all mobility data and services in Europe. We are proud to announce the Special Interest Session Europe-wide service platforms – towards an “Internet of mobility” on Tuesday 17 June 2014, 11:00 – 12:30 at the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki (SIS04, Room 205). The panel includes experts from MOBiNET, Simpli-City, SuperHub, Green eMotion and TEAM European projects, and from the German Mobility Data Marketplace as well as the Dutch Data Warehouse for Traffic Information*. This session is aimed at policy makers, ITS data and service providers, users’ representatives, transport, IT and telecom operators and suppliers.

Finally, will online services for traveller assistance and for traffic and transport system operation remain just a collection of local apps, or can an open, universal solution be found? Come and find out – and add your voice to the debate!