The European Commission is launching two public consultations on the wider use of electronic transport documents, as part of a wider impact assessment on possible future policy initiatives in this field:

Open public consultation:

This survey is meant for the general public but is also open to professionals and associations. This consultation is open until 18 January 2018.

Targeted expert consultation:

This survey targets the main stakeholders expected to be affected by the use of electronic transport documents for goods: Ministries of Justice, of Internal Affairs, tax agencies, airport and port authorities, police and other relevant national institutions/agencies, companies active in the transport and logistics sector, their associations, eFreight solution providers, and other organizations who are familiar with issues related to the transport of goods.

This survey contains important questions concerning possible measures to overcome identified barriers (such as limited acceptance by authorities and limited interoperability of solutions, particularly across transport modes) as well as their potential impacts. This consultation is open until 21 December 2017.

Responses to these two consultation processes will help the European Commission determine which measures would be most effective in bringing down barriers to paperless logistics, and which would be most cost-effective in doing so.


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