AEOLIX  has been advertised by the EC research and innovation as example for success stories.

“The EU-funded AEOLIX project is developing a collaborative IT infrastructure for the configuration and management of logistics-related information pipelines. The aim, through this platform, is to foster transparency in the supply chain by enabling data owners and users to share information simply and effectively.

To encourage engagement, the partners are approaching not only prospective end-users of the platform, such as transport companies or port authorities, but also a wide variety of other stakeholders. The AEOLIX Community Ecosystem includes public authorities and infrastructure managers, service providers and developers, service enablers and technology suppliers.” quotes the article on the EC website.

“AEOLIX project is advancing on becoming the reference project on logistics data exchange in Europe. I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful team of consortium organisations who are working to make AEOLIX a tool to solve shortcomings in the logistics sector.” proudly said ERTICO’s Lina Konstantinopoulou, AEOLIX coordinator.

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