The European Mobility Week and Do the Right Mix campaigns, which aim to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility across Europe, are to merge later this year in a combined campaign.

European Mobility Week encourages cities to devote one week each year from 16 – 22 September to organise sustainable mobility activities with residents, implement measures to improve access to sustainable modes of transport, and organise a Car-Free Day, in which part of a city is closed to car traffic.

In 2014 over 2 000 European and world cities took part in the campaign, which has been running since 2002.

Do the Right Mix engages with organisations such as campaigners, companies and schools to take steps towards changing mobility behaviour in their neighbourhoods and cities by running their own ‘actions’.

These actions can then be registered online and promoted across Europe as sustainable mobility success stories. The campaign focuses specifically on inter- and multi-modality, and has been running since 2012.

The new campaign will continue under the name of Do the Right Mix, but will feature European Mobility Week as an annual highlight every year.

Both cities and campaigners will be involved as before, with cities preparing activities and measures for European Mobility Week and campaigners registering and promoting actions year-round.

By bringing cities, campaigners, and interested organisations together in one sustainable mobility community platform, both parties will benefit from being able to share and promote their initiatives to a Europe-wide audience, find inspiration ideas and materials for campaigning, share knowledge and advice, and apply for official EU endorsement and European sustainable mobility awards.


Original author: Lewis Macdonald