On 14 November, ERTICO hosted the latest European Truck Platooning Challenge (ETPC) Network Workshop.

About 30 truck platooning stakeholders gathered to discuss platooning market perspective and give an overview about the recent and relevant platooning activities implemented in the framework of several pan-European projects.

In particular, respresentatives of Ford Turkey and BOSCH presented the 5G Mobix project and the CONCORDA project, in relation to their truck platooning use cases and tests.

The participants exchanged  best practice from previous projects and information regarding the potential of predictive analytics for multi-fleet platooning and the concept of dynamics exemptions  for truck platooning.

TNO, coordinator of Platooning ENSEMBLE, updated the audience about the project status, especially focusing on the benefit of platooning as identified in the project’s context: security, technology and European value, thanks to the cooperation of all OEMs from Europe.

The most involving part of the workshop came with the afternoon interactive session named “Building the vision 2022”: divided in three groups, the stakeholders discusses about ENSEMBLE intermediate results, identifying their match with the objectives of the ETPC’s Vision 2022, to then compare their findings.

ETPC event was, again, a lively and active event  where all  stakeholders assessed the intermediate deliverables of ENSEMBLE, in relation to ETPC’s VISION 2022: a shared opinion on how Platooning can hit the European roads in 2022. Particularly, the improved safety for drivers and road users, that the ENSEMBLE partners jointly realise, is under great attention, as first real deployment in the roadmap towards full automation.

Visit ENSEMBLE’s website here.