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Electro-mobility hackathon 2019 – Deadline for applications extended

April 10, 2019

Are you…

  • a startup?
  • an application developer?
  • an Electromobility Service and/or application provider?
  • an entrepreneur or a student (MS, PhD candidates)?
  • interested in making a real impact on the Electromobility sector ?

Do you have a good idea for an Electromobility service or think of creating a novel smart service that could change the way we deal with issues related to Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and use?

You now have the chance to share your already developed Electromobility Services or fire up your creativity for innovative applications through the NeMo Hackathon that runs virtually until May 2019.

Bring your ideas to the table and join the NeMo Virtual Hackathon today!

The Hackathon

The EU-funded NeMo project organizes a virtual Hackathon aimed at the developer community.

The NeMo project creates a Hyper-Network of new and existing tools, models and services, which provides seamless interoperability of electromobility services, creating an open, distributed and widely accepted ecosystem for electromobility. The NeMo Hyper-Network is a distributed environment with open architecture based on standardised interfaces, in which all electromobility actors, physical (e.g. CP, electricity grid, EV’s) or digital (e.g. CPO’s, DSO’s, EMP’s, EV owners, etc.) can connect and interact seamlessly, in order to exchange data and to provide more elaborate e-mobility ICT services in a fully integrated and interoperable way for both B2B and B2C. The connection is based on dynamic translation of data and services interfaces according to the needs of the specific local scenario and the involved stakeholders.

The goal of the NeMo Hackathon is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Hyper-Network open tools for service creation, asking external developers, start-ups, service and application providers or other entrepreneurs and students to develop innovative electromobility services (i.e. web/mobile applications, B2C apps), either completely new or combining existing services provided/published in the NeMo Hyper-Network.

The specific objectives of the Hackathon are to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Hyper-Network open tools for services creation – Rapid service building challenge following NeMo backbone development and internal testing. B2C apps with developers leveraging the “Service Creation” domain and offering the B2C apps via the “Service Delivery” domain.
  • Integrate existing data or new data from actors’ services in the Hyper-Network.
  • Define and use APIs for new interoperable services such as CP searching and booking services.
  • Design and interconnect existing and new third party electromobility services and extend it with eRoaming capabilities.
  • Design and develop new horizontal services to integrate additional functionalities into existing or new electromobility services.
  • Use the Service Creation and Service Delivery domains.

Components and tools to use in the NeMo Hackathon

The Hackathon invites participants to come up with new ideas and apps (web/mobile, B2B and B2C) and other services for promoting Electromobility deployment with the usage of the:

  • NeMo open tools for service creation
  • NeMo Hyper-network for electromobility
  • Already developed services that are available in the Hyper-network
  • NeMo Common Information Models

For further details see the NeMo website.

Expected innovations

The proposed services/apps must be relevant to electromobility and must meet the basic project objectives. Innovators are specifically asked to:

  • Create a service (B2B or B2C application)
  • Produce the technical files related to the developed service, which are:
    • A technical specification file of the service
    • A translation transformation specification file (XML), based on the available service creation manual
    • A semantic description file (OWL-s), using the Service Creation Tool
  • Create a repository for the technical files (Gitlab)
  • Define an API for new interoperable services
  • Integrate existing or new data in the Hyper- Network
  • Develop an application compliant with the NeMo CIM

Hackathon process

Potential participants are invited to declare their interest to join the NeMo Hackathon by sending a short description of their idea (approx. 1000 words) and an architecture diagram (pictures/graphs/videos, etc.), to hackathon@nemo-emobility.eu by 10 April 2019.

  • Individuals entering the Hackathon under their own name should also include a short biography describing the nature of their research/work/study (200 words max).
  • In case of team participation, a short biography of one of the team members is required, with a mention that they apply on behalf of a team, and a list of team members.

All proposals will be evaluated by the Hackathon Jury for their relevance to the basic objectives of the competition and their potential to meet the given criteria that are presented in detail below.

By the time the initial proposals are submitted, a series of webinars will be organised to familiarise interested applicants with the functionalities of the Hyper-Network and the NeMo tools for Service Creation.

Three submissions will be selected for implementation by 9 April 2019. The three finalists will have up to 27 of May 00:00 to deliver their final developed applications/services. The finalists will be offered a constant assistance during the second phase of the Hackathon (the development phase) by the group of Mentors.

After final submission, the three finalists will have up to one week to upload their applications to the NeMo Hyper-Network with the help of the NeMo Hackathon Mentors. The applications will be available on the Hyper-Network in time for the 13th ITS European Congress (3-6 June 2019).

A second round of evaluation will follow the ITS European Congress, and the Hackathon Final Winner will be announced by 17 June 2019.

For more information, please email hackathon@nemo-emobility.eu 


April 10, 2019