The EVIDENCE project has funding to provide expert assistance to European cities wanting to present an economic business case to help secure investment in sustainable transport initiatives.

Co-funded by the European Commission, the EVIDENCE project is able to assist five local authorities (in the 11 new member states) to set out evidence-based justifications for funding sustainable urban mobility measures.

Specialists are able to develop compelling business cases based on evidence of the economic return on investment for 23 types of measures that typically comprise a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

Dr Colin Black, the project co-ordinator for EVIDENCE, said: ‘Our specialists have reviewed hundreds of international scientific papers, reports and examples of policy implementation to see what works and what doesn’t when presenting cases to receive funding for sustainable transport initiatives.’

‘We will provide free access to international urban mobility experts, and offer up to two visits to each city to help local transport stakeholders identify funding streams and present evidence to support the economic case for investing in sustainable urban mobility measures,’ he added.

The project is intended to provide training and support to assist those currently also involved (or receiving support from) other EU urban mobility projects.

Applicant cities would have ideally been part of previous or ongoing EU projects such as CH4LLENGE, BUMP, Poly-SUMP, ENDURANCE and TIDE.

Original author: Colin Black