Leanpark helps to build better cities with space efficient innovative robotic parking solutions. Moving towards the age of the electric vehicles, Leanpark introduces All Vehicle Robotic Parking and extends the scope of the Leanpark solution also to support electric vehicle charging.

Robotic parking is a known concept for managing parking needs in dense urban areas. The Leanpark solution is based on a steel frame and extensive use of aluminium. This architecture enables flexibility in design, fast construction and industry leading life cycle ROI. Leanpark creates new space from parking and is able to reach up to 5x better use of land compared to surface parking and up to 3x better use of space compared to multi-level parking buildings made from concrete. Leanpark frees up living urban space for people by reducing the space consumed by cars and other vehicles when not in move.


Widest range of vehicles in the industry: Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking

From the very beginning, the design principle of Leanpark has been modularity and flexibility. Mr. Järvinen, the innovator and founder of Leanpark has designed robotic facilities for 20 years. The practical knowledge from all these years resulted in a solution that is both simple and economical.  Its design makes it flexible and enables adaptations to different architectural needs, and supports a wide range of vehicles. All these are important considerations when designing great customer value for property developers and consumers using the facility.

Love for classic cars and restoring them, as well as for motorcycles, didn’t hurt the design process either. The designers set out to create a robotic parking solution that would fit all vehicle types a parking service operator could expect to receive as customers or what the residents in a residential building complex could expect to own.

The target was to go beyond the obvious, an ordinary passenger car.

Eventually, the design architecture narrowed around creating a robotic actuator that attaches to aluminium pallets on top of which the vehicles are parked. The pallet proved out to be a perfect and simple universal interface between the robot and all the vehicles that need to be parked.

As it proved out, the pallet offers also an opportunity for valuable additional functions that helped the design team to create the Leanpark solution, and make it possible to operate with not only the obvious passenger cars, but also with two wheeled motorcycles, scooters and bikes; trikes and trailers; cars with studded winter tires; cars with heavy off-road tires with sand and gravel; cars with melting snow and ice or dropping oil; classic cars; cabriolets and open-top cars; low ground clearance sports cars; electric cars; ATV’s; and even with vehicles that don’t have any wheels, such as snowmobiles, storage containers or small boats and jet skis.

Today, Leanpark supports the widest range of vehicles in the industry. That is why we call our solution the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking. It stands for our promise of parking convenience for all consumers and increased value for parking operators and property owners for years to come.

For the parking operator or the property owner, the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking creates the best possible business case with a convenience value proposition for consumers. Put it simply: why restrict your customers base, if you can welcome them all? All motorists are welcome to use the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking facility with no restrictions, including motorcyclists. E.g. in the UK, there are over 1.4 million registered motorcycles. The Leanpark solution is democratic in residential applications: with All Vehicle Robotic Parking, all users can park their vehicles regardless of size or shape.

All Vehicle Robotic Parking is a perfect solution for difficult weather and climate conditions, too. For regions where snow and ice need to be taken into consideration, the Leanpark solution features drainage of melting water at each parking position, a feature which is highly valued in both Nordic as well as Alpine regions. For regions where a parking facility will be exposed to dust, sand and gravel due to an arid climate or popularity of SUV vehicles and all terrain wheels, the Leanpark solution and its pallet architecture delivers immunity for the adverse effects of dust, sand and gravel, which lead to significant savings in operating costs for the parking operator.

Drainage of melting water has a secondary benefit as well. It becomes convenient, when customers will want to keep their classic cars and convertibles in the facility. Classic cars are known to be prone to leaking fluids. Convertibles on the other hand need to be protected from external hazards, including stains. The Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution protects the canvas tops of convertible cars and makes it possible for customers to park all their cars in the facility, thanks to the parking position specific drainage.

Evolution of All Vehicle Robotic Parking: Electric cars

As a builder of new urban spaces, Leanpark is ready for the age of the electric cars, imminent in 2020’s and beyond. Living to our All Vehicle Robotic Parking promise, Leanpark is dedicated to deliver parking and charging solutions for zero emission vehicles.

Multiple sources in the industry estimate that in several market areas electric vehicles will account for more than 25% of all new cars sold in 2025. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, are even planning to make sales of internal combustion engines forbidden after 2025.

For property developers, investors and Leanpark this megatrend is a reality already today. We are committed to deliver All Vehicle Robotic Parking solutions with the industry leading lifecycle ROI for a typical lifecycle of 30-50 years of a parking facility investment. Consequently, Leanpark intends to release electric vehicle charging solution as the first manufacturer of robotic parking solutions during 2016.

As the urban traffic landscape evolves towards electric vehicles, intelligent traffic, connected cars and mobility as a service (MAAS), robotic parking facility for electric vehicles becomes a key element in the new urban infrastructure for storing and managing these vehicles, whether private or shared, or eventually serving even Mobility as a service (MAAS) vehicle fleets and self-driving vehicle depots in densely populated urban areas. Being based also in Helsinki, one of the first cities in the world with stated ambitions of becoming leader in this MAAS trend, we cannot avoid seeing how it may shape the future of mobility and how Leanpark can contribute to such forward-looking infrastructures.

In commercial and residential applications, the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution will continue to offer the maximum service level also to owners of electric vehicles. For the first time in the world, electric cars can be charged reliably, just-in-time, only for a desired period and in a controlled manner when they are parked for a long time. In a robotic parking facility, charging stations are not occupied in vain if a car is parked for a longer time. The Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking will optimize the use of charging positions for a large pool of EV cars, and ensure that all cars that need to be charged have a chance of connecting to a charging station.

Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking with electric vehicle charging will make it possible for urban planners and architects to design better cities for people and drive down carbon dioxide emissions as we approach the age of the electric car.

Leanpark is present at the 11th European ITS Conference in Glasgow, Scotland from 6. – 9.6.

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Leanpark Ltd, is the manufacturer of the industry leading All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Leanpark is actively selling the solution in Europe and the Middle East through its own sales offices. The Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution provides industry leading total lifecycle ROI and up to 3x better efficiency than multilevel parking made of concrete and 5x better efficiency than surface parking. With our All Vehicle Robotic Parking solution, we provide today the best consumer parking experience for residential, commercial (malls, hotels, destinations) and high performance park-and-ride solutions for public transport and other sites demanding high performance in peak hours. With our electric vehicle charging solution, Leanpark delivers not only the best performance, but is also a future-proof robotic parking solution and ready for the EV age. Building better cities with the Leanpark All Vehicle Robotic Parking. www.leanpark.com

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