26 November 2013

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has launched an experimental project on electronic transport services for 2014–2015. The project aims to promote consumer markets in electronic transport services and to analyse what type of impacts the services will have.

The project will test new operating models and technological solutions as well as cooperation between enterprises in developing the services. Private and public sector services will be provided within the same service package.

“Future transport services will be developed through experiments and new kind of cooperation. In accordance with the New Transport Policy outlined in the Ministry the state’s role in the project will be that of an enabler. Services will be tailored to meet the needs of drivers, for example, and at the same time new forms of business will become available for enterprises”, says Ms Merja Kyllönen, Minister of Transport.

The project is open to all national and international enterprises and business consortia. Businesses can test and develop their own services and find new ways of cooperation. The state has the role of a customer and a provider of opportunities. The businesses themselves will invest in the development of their operations. The estimated budget for the entire project is EUR 5–8 million.

The project will open up to private drivers through business consortia in June 2014. Drivers are provided with an opportunity to be among the first to experiment new electronic transport services. These include traffic information to ease the driving experience, solutions improving road safety, driving log book, and information about parking and public transport services.

In accordance with the decision made at the government discussion on spending limits in the spring 2013 the project will also test technological solutions, readiness and applications of transport pricing systems. The experiments do not involve any form of taxation.

Further information: Mr Risto Murto, Director of Unit for Transport Management, tel. +358 295 34 2639