The mayor of Vila Nova de Famalicão in Portugal has promised to use EU funds to progress with an ambitious urban development plan that includes investing in sustainable urban mobility measures.

The municipality’s Strategic Plan for Urban Development, which looks forward to 2020, will use €17.5 million of EU funds to target three areas: urban regeneration, sustainable urban mobility and disadvantaged communities.

Mayor Paulo Cunha said that the town would undergo an ‘urban revolution’, covering the city centre, and the rail and bus station.

Plans include, among others, to rehabilitate public facilities and create a pedestrian network.

He said that the town would also create sustainable mobility corridors and intermodal spaces that encourage the use of public transport.

‘The aim is to renew the city, raising the levels of quality of life it offers to citizens. For this, we extend the areas which meet the social and commercial role of public space in the city,’ said Cunha.

The municipality also recently announced (link is external) that it approved €3.4 million to widen roads, create new pavements, and install new parking lots.